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What to Know About the Columbus, Ohio Real Estate Market This Year

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Are you thinking about buying a home in Columbus, Ohio? Before you start browsing listings, here’s a breakdown of where the Columbus real estate market stands and what you need to know for 2024.

2023: A Year of Change for the Columbus, Ohio Real Estate Market

  • Red Hot Start, Cooler Finish: The market was blazing strong in early 2023, with bidding wars and fast sales. Rising interest rates slowed things down, but due to limited inventory, prices continued to climb.
  • Lack of Inventory: Homeowners with low-interest mortgages were reluctant to sell, and new construction couldn’t keep up with demand. This created a bottleneck in available homes for sale.

2023 Highlights: Where Did Prices Surge Most in Columbus?

While Columbus overall saw increased prices, some suburbs (and their school districts) had particularly strong appreciation:

  • Upper Arlington: Prices up 5.7% ($660,000 average)
  • Olentangy: Prices up 10% ($587,000 average)
  • New Albany: Prices up 13% ($930,000 average – over $1 million in New Albany proper!)

Still Some Affordable Options for Real Estate in Columbus

Not every suburb has broken the $400K barrier. Check out these areas:

  • Hilliard
  • Worthington
  • Marysville
  • Delaware City

So, What’s the Prediction for Columbus, Ohio Real Estate 2024?

  • No Crash Expected: With strong demand and limited inventory, a major price collapse seems unlikely.
  • Intel’s Impact: The new Intel development will bring even more buyers to the market, potentially tightening inventory further.
  • Interest Rates: Rates are likely to come down slightly, but a return to super-low rates is unlikely.
  • Key Takeaway: If you’re planning to buy, do it sooner rather than later – especially before Intel’s hiring surge fully hits. You may be able to refinance later if rates improve.

Need Help Navigating the Columbus Market?

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