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Pictured above: Olentangy Liberty High School
What to Know About the Olentangy Local School District

Olentangy Local Schools is a district dedicated to facilitating optimal learning opportunities for every student. It is one of six school districts in the central Ohio area that receives the State of Ohio’s highest rating of “5 Stars” for its academic performance.

The district works diligently to be a recognized leader in education via high performance and efficiency. Underlying its operations are key values of respect, care, sound decision-making, continuous improvement, and community partnership.

Olentangy provides students with a wealth of programs that encourage personal growth and varied life experiences, adhering to the principle of “One Olentangy” even as the district expands. The district takes pride in fostering resilience, kindness, and thoughtfulness among its students, preparing them to be future leaders. Olentangy excels academically, with high rankings, test scores, and graduation rates statewide, demonstrating a pursuit of educational excellence that considers each student’s individual needs.

The district provides exceptional value through efficient and financially responsible practices without compromising academic quality. Olentangy’s Portrait of a Learner’ initiative, launched three years ago, seeks to define what an adult Olentangy student should embody, aiming to develop students who are purposeful, resilient, curious, and kind. They are working to build the sort of individual who will flourish both in the classroom and beyond.

What to Know About Living in the Olentangy Local School District

Powell and Delaware, both located in Ohio and serving as homes to parts of the Olentangy School District, provide a blend of suburban charm and rich historical backdrop. Powell, often recognized for its tight-knit community and high quality of life, is characterized by its upscale homes, well-maintained parks, and a variety of shopping and dining options.

Meanwhile, Delaware, with its vibrant downtown area, effortlessly intertwines modernity with its historical roots, as antique shops and Victorian-era homes seamlessly mingle with contemporary establishments. Both communities place a strong emphasis on education, with the Olentangy School District being well-regarded for its excellence in academic offerings and extracurricular activities. Residents enjoy a peaceful, family-friendly environment and often engage in local events and festivals that celebrate the culture and spirit of their respective towns.

Pictured: One of our listings in Powell, Ohio, a neighborhood in the Olentangy Local School District

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