Top 4 Mistakes People Make When Moving to Columbus, Ohio

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Moving to a new city can be both exciting and overwhelming. Moving to Columbus, Ohio, is no exception to this rule. In my time helping individuals and families relocate to Columbus, I’ve noticed a few common mistakes that often trip up newcomers. Here are the top four mistakes you should avoid when making Columbus your new home.

Overlooking Financing when Moving to Columbus

Many people dive straight into their home search without first nailing down their finances. If you’re not paying cash outright for your property, it’s crucial to get your financing in order ahead of your search. I’ve seen countless people set their hearts on homes outside their financial reach, leading to disappointment. Moreover, consider working with a local lender. They can often provide more personalized service, ensuring you get a loan that’s right for you. It’s also wise to shop around; talk to at least three different lending institutions to find the best terms for your situation.

Underestimating Columbus Property Taxes

Taxes in Columbus can be notably high and significantly affect your monthly payments. A few hundred or even thousand dollars more each month can be a game-changer for many homeowners. Hence, understanding how property taxes work and what to expect is essential. While calculating an average for specific areas can be tricky due to various factors, using tools from the Delaware and Franklin County auditor sites can help estimate potential yearly taxes.

Mishandling Online Searches for Columbus, Ohio Homes

The layout of Central Ohio, with its intertwining cities, municipalities, and townships, can be confusing. A particular area can span multiple school districts, causing headaches for families prioritizing education. Therefore, if a specific school district is crucial, it’s better to search based on that rather than a zip code or city name. Moreover, the platform you choose for online searches matters. Many popular websites, like Zillow and Trulia, can sometimes offer outdated or inaccurate listings. I advise using a more direct data source, such as an MLS system, to get real-time, accurate data. We built our own Columbus, Ohio home search tool here.

Being Unprepared for Columbus, OH Closing Costs

Every state has unique real estate laws, and understanding the associated costs when buying property is paramount. Whether it’s your first home or your tenth, it’s crucial to be clear about all fees involved. In Central Ohio, sellers often cover some significant expenses like real estate commissions and title insurance, but this can vary. Always ensure you have a detailed discussion with your realtor and understand all associated costs before closing.

In conclusion, moving to Columbus, Ohio, can be a rewarding experience, but it’s vital to be prepared. By avoiding these four common pitfalls, you can ensure a smoother transition to your new home. If you need any assistance, reach out – I’m here to help!

Marc Van Steyn

Marc Van Steyn is a graduate of The Ohio State University and represents the third generation in his family’s real estate business. Their family co-owned company, RE/MAX Premier Choice, has been the #1 ranked RE/MAX Brokerage (based on sales volume) in Central Ohio for 18 of the last 20 years. His business philosophy is centered on what he learned from his mother and grandfather “who put the needs of their clients first and built business on trust, dedication and uncompromised service."

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